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They call me Chronos.  Like my fellow mutants, I'm both evolving and slowing falling apart at the same time.  But until I finally return to dust, it is my mission to gather all the information I can and organize it.  I'm good at the gathering part.  Not so successful at the organizing part. But my friend, I will open up my Vault for you to peruse my collected knowledge to your heart's content.

But be warned, most records of our past are destroyed. It's only through years of exploring and sifting through the ruins of the Wastelands that I've been able to piece together bits and fragments of our history.  And who's to know if it's accurate?  

The Now is just as important that the past.  It's in The Now that mutants are moving into the wastes to forge a better life from the ruins.  

So, please rummage through the many stacks of my Vault. See if you can solve the myriad of mysteries woven through The Now and The Past.  Meet the many mutants in The Wastelands, and the Arks or settlements they have carved from the ruins.  Learn the dangers and the creatures that we have found and cataloged.

Best of all, look at the notes from my latest project.  A young group of mutants in an Ark full of intrigue, tragedy, and deadly factions.  They are truly an interesting lot.  I'm tempted to help them, but I think I'm just going to follow them about and see how they progress.  I believe they have a chance to truly make a difference in this unforgiving land. Let's see who survives.

Home Page

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